About Me

Hello! I’m Adele & I’m on a journey to be the happiest & healthiest version of myself, seeing as much of this globe as I can – after all, we’re only here for a smidgen of time.

I’m also an advocate for on fitness and mental wellbeing.

I believe we attract the energy we emit. If we offer kindness, radiate happiness, action positivity & truly believe in all we desire. That is exactly what we will absorb.

This universe gave us life and if we offer the best of ourselves out, it will give us only the best in return. Because that energy – it’s infectious.

Look at children. Toddlers are the happiest, carefree, positive versions of us. We say they are blissfully naïve – but perhaps that’s what we, as adults are.

After all, we all start as children, we all begin with those wide open eyes and empty mind. Children radiate positive, unruffled energy.

… & when a baby gurgles or smiles, a child laughs in delight, it makes us coo, it makes us smile. Why? Because that is the infectious ora I’m talking about.

Life tests our resilience. I think, too often we believe by getting through the hard times, even by a smidgen, we have succeeded. But how many times do we cross that survival line with battle scars; exhaustion, emotional scars, & ultimately, a hindered outlook?

I believe true resilience is embracing those tougher times with the same smile, warmth and acceptance, we would receive the best times in life with.

Now imagine a World where we all walked around releasing a little more of this good energy, infecting each other with even more good energy… wouldn’t we all be a little more full of beans?

That‘s what I’m all about.

Yup gotcha’ Del – now how do I start conjuring up this energy?

My story.

I haven’t always had this outlook. It took a lot of time and life lessons to get here. You can read more about my breakthrough, Big Bang, penny dropping moment in my blog, but the important thing now is, I learnt one big lesson:

When the Universe throws us a curve ball we have two choices; we can let it break us, or we can use its energy to push us to be the greatest versions of ourselves.

Luckily, I chose B.

I’ve long been an advocate on fitness for the mind as well as the body. It’s well studied that it releases endorphins – which help us feel good.

Hiit, TRX and running in particular, as well as clean eating, stretching and meditation are some of my favourites & I truly believe if I hadn’t been invested in these actions, I wouldn’t have survived this explosive moment in my life… & I may not be the person I am now.

Every day I emitted positive energy & in return absorbed it.

Now I live every day that way.

I am grateful for everything; the sunshine, the rain, humans, emotions, the lessons we learn. Each dawn the sun rises & we’re offered another day of being a part of this combusting miracle that is our planet, full of living breathing phenomenon’s. What a gift.

So my question is, what are you doing on your journey with planet Earth?

I’m a health & wellbeing, fitness and travel blogger. If you’re looking to improve your all round health or just see as much as you can of this glorious World – stick with me.

-Del x