Cape Tribulation: Where rainforest meets reef

The realisation you’re about to be cut off from the outside world hits you as you cross the Daintree River, destination: Cape Tribulation.

A ferry is the only way to cross the croc-inhabited waters, at $30 a return per vehicle.

After this there’s nothing but dense rainforest, no mains power or water supply, and no mobile network for the next few hundred kilometres to the most northern point of the east coast of Australia.

After Cape Tribulation, bitumen roads end and it’s just 4WD tracks and creeks. We’re not going this far, but spend three nights off grid in the place David Attenborough once called “the most extraordinary place on Earth.

There’s little to do here besides resting under the shade of a palm tree on one of the many secluded bays, walking through the jungle in search of crocs, spiders, snakes and cassowaries and cooking burgers and bananas on the little tin BBQ at dusk.

Daintree is one of the oldest surviving rainforests in the World and the most biologically diverse tropical rianforests in the World.

Floravilla ice-cream is a must stop on the way in and out with 26 flavours to choose from, all created from natural ingredients of the rainforest. We opted for the iconic Daintree flavour!

There’s a selection of look outs to soak up as well – a favourite is Mount Alexandra lookout.

A unique place where two World Heritage areas meet: the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef.

On the way in or out you can stop at Daintree village itself; made up of less than five buildings, the General Store doubles as the local restaurant, hotel, post office and grocery store. There’s also a cafe serving croc burgers!

Sometimes its refreshing to completely cut off from the world.

The Earth could have been imploding and we wouldn’t have had a clue – but been happily content in our own company and blissful environment. What better way to live?

There’s little more to say except I recommend avoiding a day tour and instead get a vehicle and head up here yourself for a night to enjoy the sounds, smells and silence of this incredible place.

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