How to save money & see Fraser Island without a tour

Speak to hostel owners, timid backpackers or tour desk operators and they’ll all be quick to warn you off taking on the biggest sand island in the world, Fraser Island, alone. 

Sure there’s dingoes which you probably don’t want to be petting, and sand that’ll sufficiently bog your 4WD, but if you follow these simple rules, “you’ll be right mate” as they say Down Under. 

We asked real people, grey nomads on campsites and local’s getting off the barge from a week long fishing trip in Fraser. 

They all assured us our 4×4 would be fine – and we only have a little old Nissan Terrano dating back to the late 90’s. 

  1. Take your time. Don’t drive like a kid who just got their license.
  2. Play sheep – follow other vehicle’s tracks. 
  3. Stick to the tourist trail. There’s suggested routes to see all of the main attractions. Stick to these and you’ll find the sand well bedded in from other cars – also, if you have a problem it won’t be five minutes before you see another car to ask for help. 
  4. Check the tide times and always leave more than enough time for your journey. 
  5. Buy a few items in case you get stuck: A shovel; Snap straps; Recovery tracks; Air pump for tyres; water and fuel cans filled up.

And why should you do it yourself?

You get to enjoy stunning scenery away from the crowds:

Because who doesn’t want to spend all day, alone, at Lake Mckenzie?

You can soak up stunning sunsets and sunrises from your tent:

Some of my favourite moments were just listening to the waves and watching the sky change colour here.

You can take your time seeing the sights and spotting wildlife:

You can pitch up in all the best spots:

Not just one for the entire stay, next to the rest of your tour. 

You don’t have to share the fun of driving on sand!

…and you can stop for any photo op!

And finally, you will save a ton of dollar! 

…just look at those smiling faces!

The average 3 day 2 night tour is around $499 per person. 

We had 4 days and 3 nights and saved more than $320 each on that price!

Here’s our breakdown:

Park Pass: $52.75
Camping for all nights: $36.27
Ferry: $185
Fuel used: $50 
Food: $20

(And all the safety equipment we didn’t use? We returned it for a full refund of course!)

Total: $344.02
(Or $172.01 pp)

You’re welcome team!

Del x

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